What is use of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency ( Crypto currency ) can be used in many ways. we can exchange from money exchangers. The other use of Cryptocurrency is that we can buy things online.
Giants like Microsoft accepts bitcoin for sale of  games, same is the case with Starbucks they also started accepting cryptocurrency. You can also buy Xbox by using bitcoin.
Many online stores who provide home décor or bedding, accept the crypto currencies.
Pastebin pro is online service to save text. mostly people who are programmer use this service to store their codes online. This Pastebin pro also accepts crypto currencies.
Another use of cryptocurrency is that you can buy online gift cards from eGifter.
Other use of Cryptocurrency is that you can donate online for charitable purposes
Use of cryptocurrency is that many VPN providers accept crypto currency.
Cheapair is an online service provider for booking of flights, hotels, cruises etc. and the accept cryptocurrency.
Universities in EU and America have started to accept Bitcoin as payment according to futurism.com.