How much hashes required to produce one bitcoin

Hash rate or hash power is something that is required in generating bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
In order to understand hash power we need to know hash function. A hash function is a method to convert data in to special digital form. Like there is a picture and its made up of several bits. So by taking a hash function this picture will be derived into binary system in a single code of 0&1.
So hash power is the rate or capability of a system that brings complex mathematical issues into a single code and rate ( time in which problem solved ) is called hash rate or hash power.
Miners earn bitcoin by using special hardwares by solving problems through hash rate.
For this purpose there are special miner hardware that have certain has power and they are used to mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.
To priduce one bitcoin by using hash power is in Tera Hashes. Like now a days s9 miners are required in hundreds to produce one bitcoin in one day.
In simple words we can say that 2700 TH ( Tera Hash) is required to produce on bitcoin.