What is exactly cryptocurrency/crypto currency/digital currency/digital coin

A crypto currency or cryptocurrency or digital currency or digital coin is a form of new digital assets used for exchanging.
Like in old days people used barter system to exchange goods. After that coins came and coins were replaced by currency notes.
As today it is age of digitization, so it is said that current currency notes will be replaced by the digital currency. A digital currency is gained through cryptography. Digital currency is also called crypto currency or cryptocurrency.
Digital currency or crypto currency is in digital form no hard form and its transactions are recorded in a digital ledger called blockchain. Poeple can buy and sell through digital currency or crypto currency. today many coins have made their value in market , people exchange through them nationally or internationally. A few examples of digital currency or crypto currency is bitcoin (BTC), lite coin (LTC), ethereum ( ETH ), Ripple ( XRP ) etc.
There are more than 1800 types of different crypto currencies or digital currencies but a few famous i’ve mentioned above.
The value of a coin depends on demand and supply of a coin. If demand grows then that coin goes high.
There are also many exchanges where you can buy or exchange digital coins. we will discuss exchanges in another article.